A Talk with Average Joe About Godless Evolution



Atheistic Evolution Fails: Information RequiresIntelligence

Information the Weapon that Slays Undirected Evolution

By Mike Robinson

Over the second half of the 20th century, biology came to apply informational concepts (and their relatives) far more broadly than this. For many biologists, the most basic processes characteristic of living organisms should now be understood in terms of the expression of information, the execution of programs, and the interpretation of codes. So although contemporary mainstream biology is an overtly materialist field, it has come to employ concepts that philosophers will recognize as intentional or semantic ones, concepts with a long history of causing foundational problems for materialists (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy).

A Talk with an Average Joe

I have discussed the “myth” of Darwinian evolution with a number of people from all walks of life. I have never had one muster any logical arguments that could withstand some prying questions. It is a short conversation and really should not be used as a template. Selected evolutionists are much sharper than Joe; besides, he wasn’t prepared for my questions. Moreover, people are unique and should not be approached with cookie-cutter responses. I offer this is conversation with Joe the evolutionist merely as a learning tool:


Mike: Hey, I noticed your car has a Darwin fish on it. Do you believe in evolution?

Joe: Of course. Are you one of those fundamentalists that are stuck in the tenth century?

Mike: That’s quite a question. Actually, I like to discuss the theory of evolution with people that hold that position, and pray that they repent and trust in Christ. Have you studied the science of DNA?

Joe: Yes I have. It provides great evidence for the evolutionary process. Human DNA is almost 98% identical to ape DNA. This is strong evidence.

Mike: Does DNA have a code and information content in it?

Joe: Yes. That’s one of its main functions.

Mike: Have you ever seen information come from anything but an intelligent being?

Joe: Well, uh, no.

Mike: Information requires intelligence. If I heard someone tapping on the other side of wall, in a language such as the Morse code, and it spelled out: "Help me I have been kidnapped by a circus clown with bad breath." I would assume that there is an intelligent being behind the wall in need of help. The reason I would know that there must be a person behind the tapping is it came in the form of a code. It was not just the random tapping of a bird or a machine. The code requires intelligence. And biologists call it the DNA code. Code!

Can you explain, without an intelligent being writing the DNA code in the cells, where the code came from?

Joe: Well, I have never thought about it that way.

Mike: I never did either until I started learning to think in a critical manner. I would encourage you to turn from your ways and trust in Jesus Christ. You and I have sinned. We have broken God’s law by lying, stealing, hating, missing church, lusting and many other sins. Jesus died to remove all the sins of His people. Here is a tract with an invitation to our church. Come by and check it out.

Joe: Thanks.


Remember when you use the general outlines of these conversations in your witnessing, you must stay focused on your point, kindly bear the weight of it on them over and over. Many materialistic evolutionists will attempt to divert the subject throughout your conversations. Do not let them change the subject, but stick to your point. Additionally, always graciously press the law on their hearts—then share the Gospel with them.



The cosmos is always changing. In principle, one cannot be rational if one places his hope, his thought, or his worldview on the material world alone. One cannot base his ethics, reason, and nobility on a system of thought which is built on the material universe that is in a constant state of flux. A changing cosmos cannot produce unchanging things like the laws of logic. Again, those entities transcend the physical universe. When I base my worldview on God and His word, I can justify science, induction, the evaluation of evidence, and my use of reason. In principle, the nonbeliever cannot justify one item in all reality. Your view of reality, submitted to scripture, is the only means to have a worldview that can make sense of the universe. 


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