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New Series: It's Time For A Fresh Vision for Your Life!

New Series

It's Time For A Fresh Vision for Your Life!

In School, Retired, House Wife, or Mid-life? – God has a marvelous vision just for You!

It's Time for a New Vision

Everyone enjoys new things and the newness that God’s Word can bring into our lives is unused, unworn, and unprecedented. But many people never seek or find God’s specific vision for them. The goals, visions, and dreams that God has for you always satisfies. Why? Because it is supernatural, assured, and beyond our limited thinking.

Next Week & in This Series Learn How To:

·       Get a brand-new start

·       Launch a brand-new ministry or career

·       Receive God-given goals

·       Walk in Daily Joy and Fulfilment as God leads you

A brand-new vision is available to all those who put their faith and their energy in their God-birthed vision. God wants you to know that He is always up to something fresh and new. Start this week to lay hold of God’s destiny for you - A powerful first step.  Give on your Smartphone – Text 84321 Life Church.